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ChromaLuxe ®


Thanks to our thirty-year experience in the field of printing and photography, we are official ChromaLuxe® resellers, a reference brand in the world of high-quality printing.

We use this type of panels as it is designed to give value to each print, ensuring a high-definition result without sacrificing extreme resistance.

The ink is imprinted in the different layers of paint that cover the panels, ensuring brilliance, lightness, ease of cleaning and durability. This allows a significant variety of use, ranging from art exhibitions to interior decoration, up to photographic exhibition and signage.
Thanks to our equipment we can print panels up to the maximum size of 118 x 178 cm.

aluminium panels

The aluminium panels are lightweight, durable, made from recycled material and 100% recyclable.
The metal supports are ideal for the presentation of art and photography exhibitions thanks to the variety of applications ranging from commercial to residential use.
Available in different shapes, sizes and finishes to answer the demand of anyone who has a project to carry out, we can provide you with a lively and incomparable reproduction of any image.
The 3D depth of the image provided by this type of support is resistant to fading and offers exceptional resolution in the details and colors.

ChromaLuxe ®


An extremely refined choice for those seeking a unique and elegant alternative to traditional printing materials.

Available in four finishes and in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of any application.


  • gloss

  • semi-gloss

  • matte
  • textured

ChromaLuxe ®


The silver base option allows you to take advantage of the natural aluminium finish that shines through the image and gives it a unique look.

Available in two finishes and in different shapes and sizes to meet any request. 


  • gloss
  • matte

ChromaLuxe ®


The outdoor version offers the opportunity to expose your prints to direct sunlight,
 while respecting the image quality that characterizes every Chromaluxe® product.

These panels are UV-resistant and guaranteed to last at least five years.

Therefore, they are particularly suitable for outdoor signage. Available in different sizes. 


  • gloss white

ChromaLuxe ®


Thanks to our equipment, we can create any kind of shaping you desire, from circle to hexagon, from sharp edges to rounded corners. You can give a unique look to your photographs, turning them into real works of art. We can shape panels in any finish.

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